CNC Panel Q&A: Forging a Career in Academia

Check out Prof. Elizabeth Elacqua (Penn State University), Prof. Vincent Crespi (Penn State University), Prof. Steven Lopez (Northeastern University), and Prof. Thomas Mallouk (University of Pennsylvania) in the NSF Center for Nanothread Chemistry Youtube series "CNC Panel" as they provide insight into forging a career in academia. The Panel was hosted as a live Q&A event over Zoom available to graduate students a post-docs both inside and outside the CNC. Panelists were asked questions from the audience and their responses were recorded for distribution to the greater public.

How to Forge a Career in Academia

The NSF CNC Postdoc/Graduate Advisory Committee is hosting a panel discussion & open Q&A about applying for academic positions on Thursday, March 4th at 2:30 PM EST. The panel includes faculty spanning a wide variety of both experimental and theoretical chemistry from three different institutions. The panel will discuss application packages, proposal preparation, teaching statements, hiring committees, and more!

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Sloan Fellows Named

Congratulations to Prof. Elizabeth Elacqua and Prof. Robert Gilliard on being awarded the 2021 Sloan Research Fellowships. The 2021 Sloan Research Fellowships encompasses 128 early-career scholars who represent the most promising scientific researchers working today. Their achievements and potential place them among the next generation of scientific leaders in the U.S. and Canada.

Chemical & Engineering News highlights Furan-derived nanothreads

Nanothreads generated from furan were featured in C&EN this week, highlighting a step towards reducing reactivity pressures down to 10 GPa for scaled-up syntheses. The article, titled "Milder synthesis takes the pressure off carbon-based nanothreads," describes the exciting work of our Nanothread team and features excerpts from authors Steven Huss and Professor Elizabeth Elacqua.