We intend for the NSF-supported Center for Nanothread Chemistry to launch a new subfield of investigation into the synthesis, functionalization, and properties of these remarkable new nanothreads. As we deepen our understanding of their synthesis and use this understanding to ramp up production, more and more researchers will be able to join in discovering and developing their unique properties.

Distinguished Professor of Physics, Chemistry, and Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State University

Experience shows that the synthesis of a new form of matter such as nanothreads is often foundational such that a diverse range of new science and applications is enabled.

Professor of Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State University

To imagine a structure and then express it in material form is one of the most satisfying of human activities. It is pervasive throughout the arts and crafts and it is one of the defining features of architecture. It is also at the heart of synthetic chemistry.

Janice Cutler Professor of Chemistry at NYU

That after thousands of man and woman years of intense, talented chemical activity we could actually come up with structures that had not been seen before -- pretty amazing. That’s what nanothreads are.

Frank H.T. Rhodes Professor of Humane Letters Emeritus at Cornell University

We are excited about applying our knowledge of supramolecular and polymer chemistry to synthesize new nanothreads.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Penn State University

Nanothreads provide an ideal platform for utilizing and further developing advanced quantitative or selective NMR techniques.

Professor of Chemistry at Brandeis University

...it is a continuous pseudo-one dimensional diamond crystal...

Science Fiction Author, writing in The Fountains of Paradise, 1979